Node.js testing for multiple environment variables

Node.js testing for multiple environment variables thumbnail
Some applications might require the same codebase to be tested with different sets of environment variables. This article proposes a simple way to do so.

Generating certificates for an Aruba Instant AP using pfSense

Generating certificates for an Aruba Instant AP using pfSense thumbnail
Aruba IAP can use custom certificates when serving the Web UI over HTTPS. Those certificates can be generated, among others, using pfSense. This can be useful when trying to get rid of browser warnings regarding untrusted HTTPS connections

Persistent HDD APM settings

Persistent HDD APM settings thumbnail
An HDD can be configured to spin down after a certain time via the APM settings which can be managed by smartctl. Unfortunately, those settings do not persist after a reboot. This article presents a solution to the problem

Solving Kong latency problems in Kubernetes

Solving Kong latency problems in Kubernetes thumbnail
Kong is a popular API gateway that can be used as a reverse proxy for clients to access back-end services. It can be run as a Docker container and, as such, can be deployed to Kubernetes. However, when doing so, requests might be severely impacted by unusually high latency. This can be solved by configuring the order in which Kong resolves DNS records.

GitLab Microk8s >1.24 certificate based integration

GitLab Microk8s >1.24 certificate based integration thumbnail
With newer versions of Microk8s, its GitLab integration changes slightly. Here are the key differences

Managing router query parameters in Vue.js

Managing router query parameters in Vue.js thumbnail
URL query parameters are a convenient way to store the state of a view so that the user can return to it using the back button after navigating away. This short article introduces a method to add parameters to the current URL.

Kubernetes and Docker equivalence

Kubernetes and Docker equivalence thumbnail
Kubernetes is a container orchestration system. As such, it features functions that are similar to that of Docker. If a container can be run with the Docker CLI, it can also be run equivalently using Kubernetes. This articles highlights such equivalence by presenting how to deploy a PostgreSQL instance using both technologies.

Dissecting a Kubernetes manifest

Dissecting a Kubernetes manifest thumbnail
Kubernetes manifests can seem quite daunting at first, but it is important to understand that their apparent complexity is simply a result of the large number of customization options. In the end, manifests are used to deploy resources that interact with each other, which, among others, lead to the correct operations of containerized applications. Consequently, resources specified in a manifest must be configured accordingly. This article aims at explaining how manifests are structured to do so.

Vue3 Options vs Composition API

This article presents code snippets illustrating how to transition from the Options API to the Composition API in Vue 3.

Updating Ingresses to

Updating Ingresses to thumbnail
Using Ingress with the extensions/v1beta1 API has been deprecated in Kubernetes 1.14 and will be removed in 1.22. This article presents how to update an existing manifest to the new API,