Vue3 Options vs Composition API

This article presents code snippets illustrating how to transition from the Options API to the Composition API in Vue 3.

Updating Ingresses to

Updating Ingresses to thumbnail
Using Ingress with the extensions/v1beta1 API has been deprecated in Kubernetes 1.14 and will be removed in 1.22. This article presents how to update an existing manifest to the new API,

TypeScript setup

TypeScript setup thumbnail
A guide to setup a TypeScript project from scratch

Vue Router setup in Vue 3

Vue Router setup in Vue 3 thumbnail
Previously, when creating a Vue project using the Vue CLI, the Vue Router could be installed easily by running vue add router. However, with Vue 3 and Vite, the router is installed manually. This article presents how to do so.

Quasar and i18n-ally

Quasar and i18n-ally thumbnail
This article Quasar integrates i18n fairly well but its suggested usage does not suit the i18n-ally VS code extension very well. This article presents how to adapt the quasar proposed i18n usage so that i18n-ally can be used properly.has no summary

SSH keys

SSH keys thumbnail
Using a key file can greatly increase security when connecting to a host via SSH. This article presents how to create such keys and configure hosts to use them.

Using v-model on a prop

Using v-model on a prop thumbnail
With Vue.js, passing data to a child component is generally achieved using props. However, mutating props from a child component is generally considered bad practice. This short tutorial shows how to circumvent this constraint by using custom setters and getters on computed properties.

Combining two independent git repositories

Combining two independent git repositories thumbnail
This article presents how to combine two independent and unrelated git repositories.

Encrypted Mosquitto broker in Kubernetes

Encrypted Mosquitto broker in Kubernetes thumbnail
Mosquitto can usually be installed on an Ubuntu server fairly easily using the APT package manager. By Default, the broker handles unencrypted MQTT connections but it can be configured to use SSL certificates obtained, for example, using Certbot and thus enable MQTTs connections. This configuration is usually achieved by editing the Mosquitto configuration file in /etc/mosquitto so as to point to certificates obtained independently. However, when deploying Mosquitto to Kubernetes, one would prefer not to edit configuration files manually after install. Moreover, in Kubernetes, one can use Cert-manager to obtain SSL certificates. Thus, this article presents an efficient method to deploy a secure MQTTs broker in Kubernetes.

"Resizing" a PVC and its PV in Microk8s

With the storage addon enabled, microk8s can automatically provision a PV when a PVC is created. The size of the PV is set according to that of the PVC. However, PVCs cannot be resized after creation. The PVC could be deleted and recreated with a larger size but this would result in the deletion of the PV and, by extension, all the data stored so far in it. This article presents a workaround to resize a PVC and its corresponding PV without any loss of data.