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Most web applications that manage data in a database perform at least some form of create, read, update or delete (CRUD) operations on stored records. Moreover, web applications also often expose those operations via a REST API. Most database tables - corresponding to the entities manged by the application - need their own CRUD controller and set of HTTP endpoints. Because of this, large applications can quickly become tedious to develop and maintain. However, the logic for each table is usually quite similar. Auto CRUD has been developed to reduce this workload.

Web based approval system

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With the COVID-19 and the introduction of remote work, a many Japanese companies were struggling with the approval of documents, since those needed to be physically stamped with one's personal seal named Hanko. I decided to solve this issue by creating a web application to keep track of approvals

MQTT Logger

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A Node.js application which stores data from IoT devices sent over MQTT into an InfluxDB time-series database. It allows the management of multiple data sources into a MongoDB database.
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Weight tracker

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Managing one's body weight can be quite a challenge. And as the quote from Peter Drucker goes, "You can't manage what you can't measure". So, I built a body weight scale that can upload data to an API of my choice, which was the object of this article.

Wardrobe and outfits management web app

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Have you ever bought a piece of clothing only to come home and realize you already had a similar one in your wardrobe? This happened to me the other day so I decided to fix the problem. To do so, I designed a simple web application in which the user can keep track of all the garments they own.
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Express authorization middleware

Many applications require some form of authorization mechanism to prevent users from accessing restricted content. Authenticated users are commonly in possession of a cookie containing identification data. With the authentication microservice that I designed, this cookie contains a JWT that contains the user's username. This JWT is sent in the authorization header of HTTP requests. Thus, authorization can be performed easily within each application by simply decoding the JWT. To do so, I designed this simple middleware for ExpressJS.


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<p>LINE offers an API to developers looking into creating chat bots. I created my own so that I could send myself notifications.</p>

Finances management web app

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Most banks nowadays provide e-banking interfaces that allow clients to monitor the state of their accounts. However, each bank has its own system and the provided interfaces sometimes lack functionalities. Consequently, I decided to create my own finance dashboard, that combines information regarding multiple accounts. Currently I use it to keep track of my bank accounts balance over time as well as provide a breakdown of my transactions.
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Solar power setup

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I got my hands on a 600W 12V inverter so I decided to experiment with generating my own electricity.
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