Vuetify 3 project scaffolding

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Vuetify 3 has recently been released and its installation method has changed. This article presents how to scaffold a new project using the framework.

MQTT Logger

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A Node.js application which stores data from IoT devices sent over MQTT into an InfluxDB time-series database. It allows the management of multiple data sources into a MongoDB database.
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Wardrobe and outfits management web app

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Have you ever bought a piece of clothing only to come home and realize you already had a similar one in your wardrobe? This happened to me the other day so I decided to fix the problem. To do so, I designed a simple web application in which the user can keep track of all the garments they own.
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File POSTer

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Many web applications rely on the upload of files from client to server via a POST request. The content-type of this request is generally multipart/form-data. When developing the server-side of such application, being able to quickly test the upload feature can greatly increase productivity. So, I designed this simple web application that can POST a file to any URL.

MQTT control dashboard

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With the cloud native multi-user MQTT platform deployed, I started designing IoT devices that I could distribute to end users. However, without a GUI, interacting with those devices would be difficult. Of course, one could install applications like MQTT dash or similar but this would require tedious configuration such as MQTT broker and topics. I wanted to give users a simpler UX so I made this simple control interface that automatically displays a users devices and allows those to be controlled.

API tester

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There are multiple tools available for API testing, Postman and Insomnia being probably the most popular. However, those are desktop applications that need to be installed. I wanted a solution that I can use in the browser so I made a simple web application to achieve basic API testing functions.