Combining two independent git repositories

Combining two independent git repositories

This article presents how to combine two independent and unrelated git repositories.

First, clone the first repository locally and cd into it.

git clone URL_TO_REMOTE_1

Create a branch off the first remote

git checkout -b master-2

In order to merge a completely independent repository into the current one, delete the content of the folder apart from the .git folder. Once done, commit the changes:

git commit -m 'prepared for combining repositories'

Add the remote of the second repository

git remote add remote-2 URL_TO_REPOSITORY_2

Its content can be pulled into the current branch:

git pull remote-2 master --allow-unrelated-histories

The content of remote-2 will now be part of the git tree of the original remote, under a branch called master-2.

Master-2 can be merged into master one to finish the combination of the repositories.