IoT RFID reader

IoT RFID reader

RFID is a convenient technology for access control and authentication. In this project, I connected an RC522 RFID reader to an ESP32 in order to use it for IoT applications. Additionally, to provide feedback to the user, the ESP32 is also connected to an SSD1306 OLED display and a buzzer. I chose an ESP32 over an ESP8266 simply because of the amount of GPIOs required.

I intended to build multiple of those readers but it would take too much time to make them using protoboard. So, I designed a custom PCB using EasyEDA and had multiple copies manufactured by JLCPCB. A link to the complete EasyEDA project can be found Here.

Here are the parts used in this project:

  • ESP32 dev board with SSD1306 OLED display

  • Piezo buzzer

  • 2N2222 NPN transistor

  • 1 kOhm resistor

  • MFRC522 RFID reader module

Among others, the IoT reader can be used for this cashless payment system or to update one's presence on the whereabouts bulletin board. The source code of the firmware for this application is available on GitHub.

More information about the hardware on OSHWLab

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