Rebuilding the GUI of this CMS with Nuxt 3

Rebuilding the GUI of this CMS with Nuxt 3

The GUI of this CMS has gone through multiple versions and revisions. It started as a Vue.js SPA but was then turned into a Nuxt SSR application to improve SEO.

Recently, Nuxt version 3 was released so I decided, once again, to rewrite this GUI from scratch, mainly as an excuse to learn about the newest frameworks available.

Alongside Nuxt 3, this rebuild was also an opportunity to leverage TypeScript and the Vue.js composition API.

Just like those before it, this version uses the TipTap editor for article edition. Also, once again the styling of the GUI is done with completely custom CSS, without using any UI libraries such as Tailwind of Bootstrap.

Improvements include

  • Article list now server-side rendered

  • Code blocks syntax highlighting

  • Editor UI/UX

  • Pagination

  • And most importantly: rounded corners

The source code for this GUI is still available on my GitHub.