Vue3 Options vs Composition API

This article presents code snippets illustrating how to transition from the Options API to the Composition API in Vue 3.

Vue Router setup in Vue 3

Vue Router setup in Vue 3 thumbnail
Previously, when creating a Vue project using the Vue CLI, the Vue Router could be installed easily by running vue add router. However, with Vue 3 and Vite, the router is installed manually. This article presents how to do so.

Vocabulary practice web app

Vocabulary practice web app thumbnail
When learning a new language, there is no way around having to learn its vocabulary. This simple web app was made to help with this process by providing a multiple choice question style UI. It was designed mainly for Japanese, which uses Chinese characters that can have multiple readings.

Vanilla javascript neural network

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This simple web app written in JavaScript which trains a neural network on data provided as .csv file. The neural network is a fully connected network implemented from scratch and the structure of its hidden layers can be set by the user. The dimension of its inputs and outputs is automatically adjusted to fit the provided training data.
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Using v-model on a prop

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With Vue.js, passing data to a child component is generally achieved using props. However, mutating props from a child component is generally considered bad practice. This short tutorial shows how to circumvent this constraint by using custom setters and getters on computed properties.

Using v-for or v-if on multiple elements

Items to which <code>v-if</code> or <code>v-for</code> apply can be grouped inside <code>&lt;template&gt;</code> tags. For example:

Users and groups in Linux

In linux, or at least Ubuntu, a user can be added using:

User management microservice based on Neo4J

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Web applications commonly require a user database and the management logic for it. Having to build such software infrastructure for each individual app would be time consuming so I designed a general-purpose user management microservice that can be easily integrated in a project.

User management and authentication service using MongoDB

User management and authentication service using MongoDB thumbnail
More often than not, web applications require restrictions regarding who can access the content that they serve. This involves an user management and authentication system, which, if designed inappropriately, can lead to security concerns. However, the development of such system can be time consuming, especially if done repeatedly for multiple applications.
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Updating Ingresses to

Updating Ingresses to thumbnail
Using Ingress with the extensions/v1beta1 API has been deprecated in Kubernetes 1.14 and will be removed in 1.22. This article presents how to update an existing manifest to the new API,