3D printed solder spool holder

3D printed solder spool holder thumbnail
One day I got fed up with my solder spool rolling around all the time so I designed this simple spool holder in Fusion360 and 3D printed it.
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Weight tracker

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Managing one's body weight can be quite a challenge. And as the quote from Peter Drucker goes, "You can't manage what you can't measure". So, I built a body weight scale that can upload data to an API of my choice, which was the object of this article.

Low pass filter for Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32

A low pass filter written as class for Arduino code

IoT pan-tilt platform

IoT pan-tilt platform thumbnail
With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us cannot participate in family gatherings or other similar events in person. Instead, some opt for video-call applications like zoom, but then get constrained to the field of view of camera of the device used for the call.

IoT scale

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Keeping track of one's body weight usually involves manually writing down measurements on a spreadsheet or similar. To automate the process, I removed the electronics of a cheap scale, keeping only the load cells, and replaced it with my own.

IoT Current consumption monitoring system

IoT Current consumption monitoring system thumbnail
When you don't know how much power your air conditioner draws, it's easy to leave it running without feeling too guilty. And then the electricity bill comes...
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Raspberry Pi based display board

Raspberry Pi based display board thumbnail
I recently started using Grafana to visualize my apartment data. Although I can easily open a browser tab to view the dashboard I created, I wanted to have a standalone display dedicated to the task that I could put on a shelf of my living room.
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OpenProject in Kubernetes

OpenProject is an awesome project management application that can be installed on one's own server. This makes it ideal for users who want to keep control over their data. However, at the time of writing this article, OpenProject does not yet provide installation methods for Kubernetes so I decided to write my own manifest files.

IoT ceiling lights

IoT ceiling lights thumbnail
An IoT RGBW LED controlled via MQTT with integrated motion and illuminance sensor.
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Encrypting Mosquitto using Certbot

This article presents how to encrypt a Mosquitto MQTT broker using SSL certificates obtained with Let's Encrypt