GPS tracker

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When I was in the army, we would often have exercises where we need to setup some equipment in the field and establish a security perimeter around to prevent access from unauthorized personnel. During those exercises, the sergeants and lieutenants would sometimes disguise themselves as enemies and try to access the equipment to see how successful we would be at stopping them. I didn't like the idea of staying alert for long periods of time and instead wanted to receive some kind of warning whenever a superior would be arriving in our vicinity so I designed a GPS tracker that I intended to put on his car.

A DIY quadcopter drone

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When I was a university student, drones were starting to get popular so I decided to make my own. I made two attempt at the idea: The first attempt involved designing the most of drone from scratch, its mechanical design as well as its electronics, including the remote controller. After that attempt proved less than satisfactory, I designed a new version of the drone, this time with off the shelf electronics.

PET bottle collecting robot

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While at university, two friends and I registered as a team for the <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">EPFL robots competition</a>. The objective of the competition is to build a robot that would collect PET bottles inside an arena and bring them back to a collection area. We figured the robot would need to be designed with a storage space as well as some form of path finding algorithm if we wanted it to be able to carry bottles to the collection area so decided to simply skip the step. Instead, we designed the robot as a bottle cannon that would shoot the bottles in the collection area.

4WD robot

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I found a cheap 4 wheel drive chassis on eBay and decided to make a remote controlled robot out of it. Thus, I made a simple board with two H-bridge modules, an NRF24L01 wireless module and Arduino pro mini.

Arduino 7-segment alarm clock

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This is one of my earliest electronics project: An alarm clock built around an Arduino nano, a real-time clock (RTC) module and a 7-segment display.

Raspberry Pi based NAS

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This is a simple Raspberry Pi based NAS. Tt features, as the name suggests, a Raspberry Pi as well as a 1TB 3.5'' HDD, interfaced with a USB to SATA converter.
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connect-history-api-fallback ignore certain routes

For example, if the route /file needs to be handled by express and not the single page application:

ESP32-CAM firmware

The ESP32 supports ov2640 cameras, which makes it an ideal platform for a DIY IP camera. For this purpose, I wrote a customized firmware for the ESP32 which provides the following features:


Mosquitto is an open source message broker that implements the MQTT protocol. It is lightweight and is suitable for use on all devices from low power single board computers to full servers.

Using v-for or v-if on multiple elements

Items to which <code>v-if</code> or <code>v-for</code> apply can be grouped inside <code>&lt;template&gt;</code> tags. For example: