HUD Goggles

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This headset enables the overlay of information on top of its user's field of view. The field of view of the user is captured by a camera and then fed to video goggles, while a MAX7456 OSD chip overlays text on the video feed.

IoT RFID reader

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RFID is a conveninent technology for access control and authentication. In this project, I connected an RC522 RFID reader to an ESP32 in order to use it for IoT applications. Additionally, to provide feedback to the user, the ESP32 is also connected to an SSD1306 OLED display and a buzzer. I chose an ESP32 over an ESP8266 simply because of the amount of GPIOs required.
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Control IoT devices with a Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Smartwatches can be rather expensive and tend to be known for their poor battery life. On the other hand, Xiaomi's Mi band 2 is cheap and its battery lasts for up to 20 days. However, the Mi band 2 is mainly limited to fitness tracking functions, at least without the appropriate apps.

IoT air conditioner controller

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Air conditioners consume a fair amount of electricity. As such, forgetting to turn one off before leaving one's home can result in an expensive electricity bill. This is a Wi-Fi enabled controller for air condtioners, which can turn the unit on or off according to MQTT messages. It is built around an Wemos D1 mini and interfaces with the AC using an IR LED.

IoT lock

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Have you ever left your apartment and couldn't remember if you locked your front door or not? Sadly, if it is unlocked, there is not much you can do about it until you get back home. This system is an attempt to solve the problem. Simply put, it consists of attaching an actuator to the door's original locking mechanism control it with through WiFi.
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Cashless payment system

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A company I worked for had a coffee machine for which employees could purchase coffee. However, the payment was done by putting coins in a jar. Not only did this present the obvious risk of theft, this system was also impractical for people not carrying spare change at all time. I decided to solve this issue by designing this cashless payment system.
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An RFID ring as a front door key

An RFID ring as a front door key thumbnail
Global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic are some the many challenges humanity is having to face. However, I somehow decided that the problem I was going to solve is having to take my keys out of my pocket whenever I lock or unlock my front door.

WiFi light bulb controller

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Wifi controlled smart light bulbs can now be purchased from less than USD 10. However, those can often only be used by a specific application provided by the vendor and can involve exchanging data with a third party server. I wanted a solution to use my own software while benefiting from the cheap hardware so I replaced the wifi module of a a cheap Wifi light bulb my own electronics.
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IoT pan-tilt platform

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us cannot participate in family gatherings or other similar events in person. Instead, some opt for video-call applications like zoom, but then get constrained to the field of view of camera of the device used for the call.

IoT infrared controller

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Although probably in the decline, infrared is a common way to remotely control household appliances such as air conditioners or TVs. Being able to turn on an AC unit without leaving the sofa is definitely comfortable, but sometimes it would be even better to be able to do it before even getting home. In order to control those various appliances, I designed a simple WiFi controlled IR emitter.
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