MQTT Logger

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A Node.js application which stores data from IoT devices sent over MQTT into an InfluxDB time-series database. It allows the management of multiple data sources into a MongoDB database.
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Wardrobe and outfits management web app

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Have you ever bought a piece of clothing only to come home and realize you already had a similar one in your wardrobe? This happened to me the other day so I decided to fix the problem. To do so, I designed a simple web application in which the user can keep track of all the garments they own.
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Food manager

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The other day, I found myself putting on some weight. This rather surprised me as I thought I was having a healthy diet and exercised almost daily. To identify the root of the problem, I decided to start measuring my calorie intake as well as the macronutrients that constitute said intake.
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User management and authentication service using MongoDB

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More often than not, web applications require restrictions regarding who can access the content that they serve. This involves an user management and authentication system, which, if designed inappropriately, can lead to security concerns. However, the development of such system can be time consuming, especially if done repeatedly for multiple applications.
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Camera viewer

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IP cameras are cheaper than ever and with the ESP32-CAM boards it is now possible to stream video for less than USD 10. However, IP cameras are commonly either only accessible from within their network, or use servers from third party companies to allow users to see the video feed from anywhere in the world. As both scenarios are inconvenient, I decided to create a camera viewer application that can proxy the video feed to a web interface.

Image upload microservice

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An image is worth a thousand words and probably even more if comparing their size in bytes. When designing my CMS, I originally intended to store images directly in the article, encoded in Base64. However, this would considerably increase the size of each article, making the whole CMS slow.
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Finances management web app

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Most banks nowadays provide e-banking interfaces that allow clients to monitor the state of their accounts. However, each bank has its own system and the provided interfaces sometimes lack functionalities. Consequently, I decided to create my own finance dashboard, that combines information regarding multiple accounts. Currently I use it to keep track of my bank accounts balance over time as well as provide a breakdown of my transactions.
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Mongoose bulk update upsert

MongoDB's upsert option enables the creation of a new document if the query of an update operationdoesn't match any existing document. Basically, an update command with upsert creates a document if it does notexist already, and update it otherwise.

Mongoose bulkWrite upsert

Here is a code snippet for a bulk update with upsert using Mongoose: